About Us


Belantara Foundation is an Indonesian not-for-profit organisation that focuses its activities on ten fragile but critically important landscapes across the islands of Sumatra and Kalimantan (Indonesian Borneo). From forest restoration to species conservation, and community development to sustainable agriculture, the foundation’s activities fit into a holistic approach that is defined by Sustainable Landscape Management practices.

Working with local communities, governments, the private sector and NGOs, the foundation relies on a multi-stakeholder approach to better inform decision-making when addressing resource management problems. Essential Ecosystem Areas (KEE) stretch across the Foundation’s priority landscapes, requiring a coordinated response between all stakeholders for the effective management and preservation of critical ecosystems.

As an independent foundation, Belantara aims to work with all parties that share its goals, coordinating and collaborating with partner projects within each of its ten landscapes. Belantara aims to ensure that existing initiatives are aligned, minimising the risk of projects overlapping while maximising information and data sharing.

Belantara also mobilises and allocates funding to initiatives that share its conservation vision. Co-founder Asia Pulp and Paper significantly contributed to getting the foundation off the ground, providing substantial financing. Additional financial resources are being raised from the public and private sectors, while investment de-risking initiatives are being trailed.