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Belantara Foundation's SDGs support

In ending world problems such as poverty, inequality, and environmental issues, world leaders, including Indonesia, have agreed on a global action plan through 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with an expectation of 169 targets achieved by 2030.

To contribute to the global action in ending world problems, the Belantara Foundation's form of support is through 14 SDG's objective indicators which are as follows: 

The Belantara Foundation's 14 SDGs indicators are elements in the Belantara Foundation program's targets and objectives, which are to preserve and rehabilitate ecosystems, protect endangered species, and help local farmers achieve sustainable prosperity in 10 grant areas in five provinces, as well as to also assist the government in achieving the SDG's goals through the Belantara Foundation programs.

In carrying out activities, the Belantara Foundation is fully aware that synergy and collaboration of all stakeholders and actors is one of the factors in successfully achieving its 14 SDGs. 

Therefore, besides the government, as one of the non-governmental organizations in Indonesia, the Belantara Foundation is participating in reaching out and disseminating the SDGs to the public, so they can contribute to solving problems around them.

Through monitoring and evaluation, both internally and together, we strive to strategically develop our programs as a form of institutional reform in achieving targets in 2020 and years to come.

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