Elim Sritaba

Elim Sritaba is the Director of Strategy and Corporate HR at Sinar Mas Forestry (SMF), Asia Pulp & Paper’s plantation forest management organization. Ms. Sritaba has been responsible for leading the implementation of APP’s Forest Conservation Policy (FCP) at Sinar Mas Forestry since the launch of the policy in 2013. She is also currently responsible for supporting the Human Resources and General Affairs Division of Sinar Mas Forestry, a role she took on in April 2014.

Ms. Sritaba joined Sinar Mas Forestry in 2005 and was responsible for assisting the Chief Administration Officer with operational business practice improvement.

Ms. Sritaba holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Banking and Finance from the Nitro Institute of Banking and Finance and has more than 20 years of experience across finance, forestry as well as supply chain and business process management. Ms. Sritaba is currently a business champion for the strategic transformation process launched at Sinar Mas Forestry in late 2014.