Ali Imransyah

Holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from University of STIE YAI in Jakarta, Ali has more than 14 years of professional working experiences in Local Profit-Oriented Companies and Non-Government Organizations (NGOs). When he worked in Local Profit-Oriented Companies, he served as a Junior Auditor at RODI & BUDIMAN (Public Accountant Firm), Accounting Staff at PT. Mitra Graphic Persada, and Assistant of Chief Accounting at PT. MD entertainment.

Furthermore, Ali then continued working on various International NGOs. He has worked as Finance and Administration Officer at KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation (USAID Project), Finance Controller and Finance Manager at The Global Fund Project (MOH), Finance and Billing System Specialist at IUWASH/DAI (USAID Project), Finance Coordinator at Conservation International Indonesia and Consultant for Financial Management Technical Assistant at Global Fund Project.

He worked closely on handling of accounting, auditing, budgeting, tax, procurement, payroll, administration, software accounting, grants and contracts management. He also specializes in calculating financial statement projection for business plan, such as Projection of Cash Flow, Profit/ Loss and Return on Investment (RoI) Analysis.