Introducing Belantara

Who we are

The Belantara Foundation funds sustainability programs that conserve and rehabilitate ecosystems, protect endangered species and offer a better quality of life to local farmers in Indonesia. We work to protect the Indonesian landscape by funding local projects in areas that are set aside for conservation, reforestation and sustainable community development.

Partnership model

We obtain results through effective partnerships with Indonesian provincial governments, NGOs and communities. Together, we preserve and restore essential ecosystems while also helping local farmers and villagers to realize sustainable prosperity.

This broad landscape approach extends beyond forestry to support local farmers in their efforts to address a range of sustainability issues related to palm oil, cacao, rubber, coffee, sugar and other crops. We help local farmers to use new technology, diversification, sustainable techniques to achieve more productivity from their land without impacting nearby forests.

Belantara also protects endangered species like tigers, orangutans and elephants, unique to the island of Sumatra.

Our partnerships support restoration, habitat and community.

Wide lens approach

Ecosystems cross property boundaries. Water does not stop to flow, trees to not stop to grow and animals do not stop to roam based on boarders set out in land agreements.

Our approach brings stakeholders locally and globally together to find solutions to complex, environmental challenges affecting the Indonesian landscape.