Executive Board

Led by an Executive Director,
the Executive Board carries out the day-to-day activities of Belantara.

The Board manages three working groups, each focused on one of the three proposed pillars of Belantara: Conservation, Natural Forest Restoration, and Community Development.

CHAIR - Professor Yohanes Purwanto


Professor Yohanes Purwanto

Prof Yohanes Purwanto is a Research Professor in ethnobiology and graduated from the Agronomy Department, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Sebelas Maret, Surakarta in 1984. He has also studied at the Université Pièrre et Marie Curie in Paris and recieved his PhD in 1997 in Ecologie Générale et Production Végetale.

Prof Purwanto has always been interested in the relationship between natural resources and sustainable development in Indonesia and as a result, joined the Indonesian Institute of Sciences in 1985 and became the Executive Director of the Indonesian MAB Program in 2008.

In 1998, Prof Purwanto was appointed Executive Director of The Indonesian MAB-UNESCO Program National Committee and then in 2008, he joined the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI).

He has been active in developing a comprehensive and integrated programme related to sustainable development and the sustainable use of natural resources. Recently, Prof Purwantowas appointed as the Program Director of Program I: Biogeodynamic and Sustainable Environment of the International Center for Interdisciplinary and Advanced Research, a non-structural centre established by LIPI in 2009 to promote excellence in interdisciplinary and advanced research within the realm of environment and human security. He was also elected Chairman of the Indonesian Ethnobiologist Society Association in 2008, a position he continues to hold.

VICE CHAIR - Dewi Bramono


Dewi Bramono

Dewi Bramono is Deputy Director of Sustainability and Stakeholder Engagement of Asia Pulp & Paper Group (APP), Indonesia. She coordinates and monitors the implementation of standards and global best practices that improve the sustainability of APP’s operations in Indonesia. Her activities include the development of policies, guidelines and systems required to help the organisation in achieving its sustainability goals throughout APP’s and its suppliers’ operations. Since its launch in 2013, Ms. Bramono has managed the implementation of APP’s Forest Conservation Policy (FCP) to ensure that pulpwood and fiber are coming from sources that are managed responsibly and sustainably in accordance with APP’s commitments.

Ms. Bramono also engages with APP’s stakeholders, including customers and CSOs, to get their input and to update them on APP’s sustainability progress.

Previously, Ms. Bramono was a consultant for product development at Arthur D. Little in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. She was also a project manager for Eka Hospital development in Serpong, Java, and in Pekanbaru, Sumatra, Indonesia. Ms. Bramono has a BSc and MSc in Engineering from Tufts University in the US and an MBA degree from INSEAD in France & Singapore.

TREASURY - Heri Santoso Liem

3B3A0043Heri Santoso Liem

Born in Rembang on 15 November 1969, Mr. Santoso graduated from the Faculty of Economics of Gadjah Mada University in Yogyakarta, majoring in accounting. He started his career at Prasetio, Utomo & Co., working his way up from the position of junior auditor to supervisor between 1994 and 1999. He then continued at PT. Pindo Deli Pulp and Paper Mills from 1999 to 2009 and at PT. Dian Swastatika Sentosa Tbk. from 2009 to 2011 as corporate secretary. Mr. Santoso joined APP head office in Jakarta in 2011. He was appointed director and corporate secretary of the PT. Pabrik Kertas Tjiwi Kimia Tbk. at the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders on 25 June 2015.

SECRETARY - Sera Noviany

Sera Noviany

Sera Noviany is the Forest Sustainability Head of Sinar Mas Forestry, the group which manages its own industrial forest plantations and supports its supplier-partners, as the major sources of pulpwood/fiber materials for Asia Pulp & Paper (APP), one of the biggest pulp & paper producers in the world. As Forest Sustainability Head, she leads and directs the forest certification of all Sinar Mas Forestry plantations and assists its supplier-partners in ensuring that all forest management practices comply with credible and independently-verified sustainable forest management standards, such as the Lembaga Ekolabel Indonesia (LEI), the Indonesian Forest Certification Cooperation (IFCC) which is endorsed and recognized by the Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) and the Indonesian mandatory standard for sustainable forest management (PHPL) which is the national system for the implementation of a legality and timber verification system (SVLK).
She oversees and ensures that all Health & Safety, Environment and Fire Management programs are effectively implemented across all the Sinar Mas Forestry concessions and its partners. Sera also manage the implementation of conservation programs, such as the HCV Management, Monitoring and Evaluation, which is an integral component in implementing the APP Forest Conservation Policy. Additionally, she oversees flagship conservation programs, notably the Giam-Siak Kecil Bukit Batu Biosphere Reserve, which has been included in the United Nations Man and the Biosphere Program (UN MAB), Senepis landscape, Kerumutan, etc.

Sera is an accredited Assessor of LEI. She is a member of IFCC and its national IFCC Standard Committee. She is also currently a member of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Standard Development Group of Indonesia, which is tasked in developing a national FSC standard. She participated in an international forest certification training program which was held in Sweden, Chile and Indonesia. Prior to her employment in Sinar Mas Forestry, Sera was employed in a forest plantation and pulp & paper organization. She has a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture from the Gadjah Mada University and a Master’s Degree in Agricultural Economics, also from the Gadjah Mada University jointly with the University of Tokyo, where she had a one-year graduate research residency.