Our Programs

Program 2

2. Community-based degraded forest protection, restoration, and livelihood improvement in Giam Siak Kecil-Bukit Batu, Riau Location: GSK-BB, Riau Implementing Team: Collaboration between local, national NGOs, and GSK-BB management agency Program period: 3 years Status: Planning


This program aims to develop a forest protection and restoration model through planning and community involvement, as well as through livelihood improvement. This project will form part of the Conservation Village Model (Model Desa Konservasi) in the Bukit Batu Wildlife Reserve.

This program will support conservation in the Bukit Batu Wildlife Reserve area and focus on building community critical awareness of forest restoration, in addition to strengthening values, knowledge, skills and interest in the restoration process.

The activities included in this program include human-elephant conflict mitigation training, mobile patrol units to prevent elephant poaching, building awareness of elephant conservation in the community, and elephant population studies through fecal DNA analysis.

Program 3

3. Community-based degraded forest restoration in Berbak-Sembilang, Jambi.
Implementing Team: Consortium between Gita Buana and ZSL Program duration: 3 years (2016-2019) Status: In progress


This program focuses on peatland restoration, forest protection and restoration through community empowerment and livelihood improvement around Taman Hutan Raya Sekitar Tanjung within the Berbak Sembilang landscape.

Central to this will be the planting of high economic value trees and the utilization of non-wood forest products which will improve the welfare of the surrounding community.

Program 4

4. Community-based degraded forest protection and restoration in KPHP Meranti (Protected Forest of Meranti Sungai Merah), Dangku, Sumatra Selatan

Implementing Team: Collaboration between local, national NGOs and KPHP Meranti Program duration: 3 years
Status: Planning

This program focuses on forest restoration through community empowerment and livelihood improvement around the Protected Forest of Meranti Sungai Merah, by planting local species and high economic value trees and encouraging the utilization of non-timber forest products.

This program will improve the welfare of the surrounding community and decrease encroachment and illegal logging.

Program 5

5. Community-based degraded forest protection, restoration, and livelihood improvement in Sugihan, Sumatra Selatan

Implementing Team: Collaboration between local and national NGOs Program duration: 3 years
Status: Planning

This program will invite the local community and local civil society groups to engage in education on forest restoration benefits. This will encourage community participation and collaboration in forest management, and will generate positive socio-economic, environmental and cultural impacts.

Through this program, we expect to form partnerships to assist in the prevention and management of forest fires as well as to assist in the optimum management of water resources around the forest.

Program 6

6. Study of Orangutan population and distribution in Kubu (West Kalimantan) and Kutai (East Kalimantan)

Location: Sungai Jenu Protected Forest and within APP’s suppliers’ concession in the Kubu Landscape (West Kalimantan) and Muara Kaman Nature Preserve (East Kalimantan)

Implementing Team: Yayasan IAR Indonesia (International Animal Rescue Indonesia Foundation) and Ecositrop, involving BKSDA West and East Kalimantan
Program duration: 2015 – 2016
Status: Completed

This program aims to calculate the number of orangutans in the Kubu and Kutai landscapes and determine the extent of their distribution, with the ultimate goal of devising and implementing collaborative Conservation Management Strategies to safeguard orangutans living in these areas. Survey results will also help in the management of the landscapes in which APP suppliers’ concessions are located.

Program 7

7. Study of distribution of tigers and other endangered species in the Dangku landscape, Sumatra Selatan

Location: APP’s supplier’s concession and Dangku Wildlife Reserve Implementing Team: ZSL involving BKSDA South Sumatra
Program duration: 6 months
Status: In progress

Belantara will empower the Zoological Society of London to fully support conservation planning and decision-making around the Dangku landscape. The objectives of the program are to calculate the minimum Sumatran tiger’s roaming distance in the landscape, as well as to understand the spatial utilization of this landscape.

Program 8

8. Profiling of human-tiger conflict (HTC) in several landscapes in Sumatra

Location: Senepis, Giam Siak Kecil, Semenanjung Kampar, Kerumutan, Bukit Tigapuluh, Rimbang Baling, Berbak Sembilang and Dangku
Implementing Team: Collaboration between local and national NGOs
Program duration: 3 months
Status: Planning

This project is an analysis of existing human-tiger conflict data in Riau Province, Jambi and South Sumatra, with a focus on four landscapes: Senepis-GSK, Kampar-Kerumutan, Bukit Tigapuluh-Rimbang Baling, and Berbak-Sembilang-Harapan-Dangku.

This project aims to identify and describe the characteristics of human-tiger conflict incident patterns and provide predictions based on spatial and time-related incidents over five years. The project analyzes participants (both tigers and people), possible causes, circumstances associated with the conflict, responses taken or mitigation strategies implemented, and legalities  (including regulations  and government policies),in order to monitor and evaluate HTC mitigation, identify gaps in mitigation outcomes, and develop goal-oriented strategies for moving forward.

Program 9

9. Community-based mitigation of human-tiger conflict in Kerumutan, Riau

Implementing Team: Collaboration between national NGOs and local government institutions
Program duration: 12months
Status: Planning

This community empowerment program will include advice and practical help for barricading/housing livestock to prevent tiger attacks. Through this program, the community will also be trained in how to turn livestock manure into biogas for daily household energy use.

Program 10

10. Human-elephant conflict mitigation within Bukit Tigapuluh landscape, Jambi

Location: Bukit Tigapuluh, Kabupaten Tebo and Tanjung Jabung Barat, Jambi
Implementing Team: YKSLI with involvement of FKGI (Indonesian Elephant Conservation Forum), and BKSDA Jambil
Program duration: 12 months (2015-2016)
Status: In progress

This program supports the conservation of wild elephants and their habitats, and creates opportunities for local communities to protect their property while supporting elephant conservation, thus achieving positive outcomes for both elephants and the local community.

Its goal is to assist the government of Sumatra and tribes living in and around elephant habitats to protect this critically endangered species, as well as other wildlife and habitats, while also protecting the livelihoods of local people and improving their standards of living.

There will be support and training to address and pre-empt incidents of human-elephant conflict, and the program will conduct conservation awareness, community outreach and education programs for better co-habitation. In addition, the program will help APP’s supplier’s concessions to become elephant conservation friendly by establishing elephant feeding stations within the concession area and protecting elephants from poachers.

Program 11

11. Forest fire prevention and Orangutan and Bekantan (proboscis monkey) conservation

Implementing Team: IDH, Mayawana Tanaman Industri, Wana Subur Lestari, Alas Kusuma, and APP Group
Program duration: 3 years (2016-2019)
Status: In progress

This program focuses on Community Fire Awareness (Masyarakat Peduli Api) and livelihood improvement, as well as building corridors for the survival of orangutans and bekantans (proboscis monkeys).