Belantara Foundation Hosted a Forest Landscape Restoration Panel at the COP23 UNFCCC 2017

EnglishIndonesianEnglish Belantara Foundation Hosted a Forest Landscape Restoration Panel at the COP23 UNFCCC 2017   Belantara foundation, an Indonesian grants-making institution had the opportunity to host two panels at the Indonesia pavilion during the Conference of the Parties (COP) -23 United Nation Framework Convention on ClimateChange (UNFCCC) Fiji-Bonn that was held on 6-17 November 2017. [...]


IPFEST 2016 – Promosi Program Yayasan Belantara pada Ajang Berbagi dan Menggalang Sinergi untuk Restorasi Bentang Alam

Indonesia Philanthropy Festival 2016 (IPFest 2016) memiliki tujuan salah satunya yaitu mempertemukan dan memfasilitasi terjadinya sinergi dan kemitraan di antara para pelaku filantropi dan organisasi pelaksana program khususnya dalam pencapaian target Tujuan Pembangunan Berkelanjutan (Sustainable Development Goals – SDGs).

Realising A New Vision for the LandscapeB_1200x798px

Realising a new vision for the landscape

I have overseen a fair share of projects and programs throughout my 25 years working in environmental organisations dedicated to conserving Indonesia’s natural landscapes. While some conservation models have proven to be more effective than others, I take away new learnings from each project that I use to enrich my future work.

Stakeholder Consultation on Landscape Conservation Master PlanB_1200x798px

Stakeholder Consultation on Landscape Conservation Master Plan

Although Indonesia only covers approximately 1.3% of the world’s total land mass, it is one of 17 of the world’s mostmegadiverse[1]countries,and so conservation projects to protect Indonesia’s forests have attracted the support ofmany civil society organizations and foreign governments.

Landscape Approach with the South Sumatra Government_1200x798px

Putting the Belantara vision into practice: implementing a multi stakeholder landscape approach with the South Sumatra Government

Landscape conservation is an incredibly complex issue. It is clear that the annual forest loss and degradation in Indonesia is a wider problem than any one stakeholder in the landscape can deal with, and it needs a far more imaginative, considered and collective strategy than has historically been the case.