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Job Vacancy

Position:  IT Support, Yayasan Belantara

Belantara Foundation is in search for an IT Helpdesk, which will be tasked to ensure that any IT related issues in Belantara Foundation’s office can be resolved and run without problems.

Job Description

  1. All activities relating to the Information Systems and Technology of Belantara Foundation that is focused on these following objectives:
    • Improve the infrastructure and provide maintenance of Internet network, including:
      • Developing and maintaining Belantara Foundation’s Server.
      • Backup Link instalation and Link load balancer configuration.
      • Network Support and optimization for intenet connectivity, central management and bandwidth monitorring.
      • Provide support and technical expertise related to Information Systems and Technology.
      • Conduct periodic inspections of Belantara Foundation’s Information Systems and Technology equipment.
    • Support and assist all activities related to Informatioin Systems and Technology, which includes:
      • Develop and implement standard operating procedures on the operation and maintenance of IT equipments.
      • Ensure good IT equipments and IT assets management.
      • Create a management strategy for the maintenance of Belantara Foundation’s IT equipments.
  2. Support other activities from Belantara Foundation if needed.

Recruitment qualifications:

  1. Education: Bachelor of Computer Science, Information Technology.
  2. Experience: 2 years minimum as an IT Staff or IT Support.
  3. Ability: Networks, Windows server, Server installations, OSX and Windows Troubleshooting.
  4. Have experience working with environmental activities will be a plus.

Please send your CV to:
Closing date for CV: March 5th 2018
For more information about Belantara Foundation please go to