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Procurement to Build a Tourist Boat


Procurement to Build a Tourist Boat

  1. Background
    Yayasan Bersama Lestarikan Nusantara (Yayasan Belantara/Belantara Foundation) is an Indonesian grant channeling institution established in 2014 with the aim of supporting conservation initiatives undertaken by various parties. The allocation of grant funds is to support the implementation of forest and land restoration activities, protection of forest land from the dangers of forest and land fires, the conservation of rare and endangered species through habitat protection, institutional strengthening, to empowerment and capacity building.

    Belantara Foundation is currently looking for tourist boat builders/providers that refer to the details specification attached. This tourist boat will be placed in the conservation area of Berbak Sembilang National Park, South Sumatra province.
  2. Duration of Workmanship
    4 (four) months after the signing of the cooperation agreement.

  3. Placement Location
    The Conservation Area of Berbak Sembilang National Park - South Sumatra province. 
  4. Specification
    • The tour boat is at least 22 (twenty-two) meters long and 5 (five) meters wide.
    • The tour boat’s engines have the ability to be used on rivers and coastal shorelines. 
    • The tour boat is designed for two levels (two decks), with bedrooms, a kitchen, toilets and a multipurpose room.
    A general illustration of the tour boat’s specification can be seen in the picture below:
  5. Terms
    The procedure and requirement by the participants of the procurement of goods and services is by completing the administrative documents with an addition of an offer letter.
  6. Contact and Offer Deadline
    The prospective interested providers may send an offer to Belantara Foundation's Procurement Department: or with the subject: “Tour Boat Offer”. The deadline for submitting the bid is April 1, 2018.

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