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Belantara Foundation Calls for Donations to Help People Affected by Smog caused by Forest Fires

The occurrence of forest and land fires in Indonesia is as if it has become a routine every year. These fires are caused by various factors such as weather anomalies, low rainfall, global warming, and deliberate burning of forests. In Indonesia's 2019 dry season, forest and land fires have re-occurred and struck several areas on the islands of Sumatra and Kalimantan.

Indonesia's forest and land fires have certainly had a significant and detrimental impact on the environment, health, and also the economy. It has burnt 857,756 hectares of land, consisting of 630,451 hectares of mineral soil and 227,304 hectares of peatlands. The World Bank also recorded 28 million people being affected and impacted by respiratory problems.

The peak of the fires was in September 2019 when the thick smog from the forest fires penetrated Jambi Province, causing air pollution that resulted in many people being affected by respiratory disorders.

The Belantara Foundation has raised funds through the website as an initiative to help victims affected by the forest and land fires' smog. The fundraising was aimed to help four villages in Jambi Province, which were Teluk Dawan Village, Koto Kandis Dendang Village, Jatimulyo Village, and Catur Rahayu Village.

We needed support from all Indonesians by encouraging them to participate in concrete actions by donations for the victims of the forest and land fire smog.

Through the website, we have raised Rp. 62,337,071 (sixty-two million three hundred thirty-seven thousand seventy-one IDR) and have distributed 2,400 N95 masks; 8 sets of 3M 6800 full face masks and 3M 6001 mask cartridges; 1200 liters of fuel for water pumps; four medicine packages; and one hydrant machine to the communities and schools in four villages in Jambi Province, which was received directly by the village heads.

We hope that this assistance can provide strength and hope for all who are affected by the smog. We also would like to thank all those who have helped and supported us through donations through With your help, we were able to provide and distribute various equipment to the victims and volunteers to extinguish forest and land fires and help people affected by it.

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