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Belantara Foundation Invites All to Conserve

A lot has happened with the increasing age of Earth. Earth, which used to look green, is now slowly beginning to experience degradation. 

Earth is a place where we can live blessed with green expanse of nature and rich in biodiversity, a natural resource for all living things, not just humans. With the natural wealth Earth provides, we should keep and preserve it so that all living things can continue to live together in harmony.

Unfortunately, the growing development and increasing economic needs have triggered the emergence of various acts of environmental destruction such as illegal logging, forest arson, and forest functions alteration carried out by irresponsible parties. Diminished forests and loss of biodiversity pose a threat to the survival of living things and Earth's climate.

The increasing Earth temperature is due to human activities such as logging, peatlands destruction, and the burning of mangrove forests, causing the increase of greenhouse gases. The trees contained in forests have an important role in absorbing carbon dioxide and producing the oxygen needed by living things, especially humans.

We must balance the release of greenhouse gas emissions through conservation to keep the forests' role in absorption to reduce greenhouse gas levels and circumvent the effects of climate change due to global warming.

Ways we can do to support nature conservation, include:

  • Participate directly in tree planting activities;
  • Do greening by planting plants in the surrounding environment by either vegetable or fruit seeds;
  • Minimize the amount of waste through 3R (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle);
  • Limit electricity usage;
  • Reduce paper use;
  • Start using environmentally friendly products and reduce driving activities to maintain environmental cleanness and not pollute the environment.

The ways mentioned above are small steps we can take as concrete actions and support for conservation. 

To save the Earth, the Belantara Foundation invites all people in all generations to continue to conserve, so all living things within Earth (flora and fauna) are preserved.

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