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Developing Ecotourism Together, Belantara Foundation & The Banyuasin Regency Government Signs an MoU of Cooperation

On Friday, April 12th, 2019, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between the Belantara Foundation and the Banyuasin Regency Government. The MoU was signed by the Executive Director of the Belantara Foundation Dr. Sri Mariati and the Regent of Banyuasin Regency, H Askolani SH MH.

The MoU covers an agreement regarding the development of the Sembilang River area as one of the ecotourism spots in Indonesia. Development in the Sembilang area could trigger an increase in economic growth in the communities around the area.

Signed in the Banyuasin Regent's Meeting Room, the MoU signing event was welcomed by the Regent of Banyuasin Regency, H. Askolani. In his remarks, he appreciated and expressed his gratitude to the entire ranks of the Banyuasin Regional Government Organizations and in particular to the Belantara Foundation for its support in developing the Sembilang area and seriously developing the Sembilang River area to improve the lives of communities around the Sembilang River.

Belantara Foundation will continue to provide support in efforts to develop ecotourism in the Sembilang area through Community Empowerment programs by increasing the communities environmental awareness.

Our support in efforts to develop ecotourism since 2018 is indicated by the availability of the Belantara Ecotourism Boat to support ecotourism and our success in fostering the community by homestay training and local product development training.

We will continue to strive in the development of clean water and sanitation projects to help overcome sanitation problems in the Banyuasin area.

Present at the signing of the MoU was the Government and Welfare Assistant Dr. HM Senen Har, S.Ip., M.Sc., Head of the Regional Development Planning Agency and R&D Ir. H. Zulkifli Idrus, M.TP., Head of Banyuasin Transportation Office H. Supriadi, SE., M.Str, a number of Heads of Banyuasin Regional Government Organizations, and the Village chief of Sungsang IV.  (Diskominfo / PKP).

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