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Holding The Annual Board Meeting, Belantara Foundation Invites All Board Members to Visit Sungsang Village

The Annual Board Meeting is an annually held meeting by Belantara Foundation, which brings together the entire Belantara Foundation Board (Advisory Board, Board of Trustees, Supervisory Board, and Executive Board) and Management to carry out discussions and review the year's accomplishments and plan for the following year's objectives.

Attended by Mr. Mark Buckley, Mr. Tony Sumampau and Ms. Erna Witoelar as Advisory Board members of Belantara Foundation; Mr. Marzuki Usman, Prof. Jatna Supriatna, Ms. Aida Greenbury, Ms. Elim Sritaba and Mr. Agus Purnomo as the Board of Trustees of Belantara Foundation; Mr. Ardinis Arbain, Mr. Agung Wiyono and Mr. Teguh Soedarsono as the Supervisory Board of Belantara Foundation; and  Prof. Y Purwanto, Dr. Dolly Priatna and Mrs. Sera Noviany from the Executive Board of Belantara Foundation, the annual meeting was successfully held at the Aston Palembang Hotel on January 21-22, 2019.

The event was opened by Mr. Marzuki Usman as Chairman of the Board of Trustees and moderated by Prof. Jatna Supriatna as the Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees. Dr. Sri Mariati, the Executive Director of Belantara Foundation, explained that  Belantara Foundation supports 11 Sustainable Development Guide Goals (SDG) programs:

To support the 11 SDGs and 169 development achievements for the well-being of humans and the earth, Dr. Sri Mariati also explained about Belantara Foundation's accomplishments in 2018 based on the 2016 - 2017 proposals on the consensus program for conservation, institutional development, and restoration and protection on the ten grant areas in five provinces (Riau, Jambi, South Sumatra, West Kalimantan and East Kalimantan).

The next day, on January 22, 2019, Belantara Foundation invited all Board members to visit Sungsang village. Sungsang village is a village that is being supported by Belantara Foundation to become the destination village for Sembilang ecotourism in South Sumatra.

Belantara Foundation collaborates with various partners and programs, and one of them is with Trisakti School of Tourism for community empowerment. In this community empowerment program, the community and women groups are educated and trained on how to process raw Sembilang fishes and make it Sungsang Village’s top products.

The members traveled for almost 3 hours by speedboat to go to Sungsang Village. Upon arrival, they were greeted by Mr. Romi, Village Chief of Sungsang Village, and Mr. Bimo as the head of Trisakti School of Tourism; and were also welcomed with a welcoming dance from South Sumatra.

Mr. Marzuki Usman, Mr. Romi, and Dr. Sri Mariati took the time to give a speech in front of the village community.

In addition, the participants were also invited to see the production process of the now excellent Sungsang Village products, such as crackers, dry pastels, shredded fish, and coconut chips.

As a closing to the 2019 Annual Meeting and Field Trip, the participants then went on board the Belantara Tourism Boat for lunch and experienced the beautiful scenery from the boat's top deck.

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