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Sends - Progress Report

The Management of the Kampar Peninsula Ecosystem by Synergistically Combining Programs of Protection, Restoration, Community Livelihood Improvement, and Forest Fires Prevention and Mitigation to Create a Harmonious and Sustainable Area

In the third semester period (January–March 2019), the restoration program has planted 49,000 stems in six villages with a total planting area of ± ??10,88 hectares (Sungai Rawa Village, ± 1,1 ha; Rawa Mekar Jaya Village, ??± ha 3,2; Penyengat Village, ± 1,6 Ha; Mengkapan Village, ± 1,6 ha; Bunsur Village, ± 4 ha; and Lalang Village, ??± 1.98 ha).

To improve the communities livelihood, we conducted monitorings of the Tourism-Aware Women Group and the Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFP) Women Group. The NTFPs Women group were taught to process caught fishes. The training to process caught fishes was conducted in three villages: Penyengat Village, Sungai Rawa Village, and Rawa Mekar Jaya Village. The training teaches how to produce processed fish products, such as fish meatballs, "amplangs" (traditional fish crackers), fish steaks, and fish nuggets.

For the Protection Program, we have conducted 677.68 ha of patrols in the Tasik Besar Serkap Production Forest Management Unit (KPHP) in two villages (Penyengat Village 533.85 ha and Rawa Mekar Jaya village 143.83 ha). At present, the total area patrolled during the project is 9,649.48 Ha.


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