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Sungsang IV Village’s Clean Friday, The Belantara Foundation Invites the People of Sungsang IV Village to Care for the Environment

Sungsang (02/21/2020) - To commemorate the National Waste Awareness Day, the Belantara Foundation held an action called "Clean My Heart" in Sungsang IV Village, South Sumatra Province with the theme "At seven grab a broom.". This activity is a form of support from the Belantara Foundation in advancing the villagers of Sungsang IV Village's concern for environmental cleanliness.

Involving approximately 60 young people from surrounding communities the activity aims to increase public awareness of environmental hygiene and health so the villagers can live in a clean and comfortable environment.

The Clean My Heart action is part of the Tourism Village Program being carried out by the Belantara Foundation in 5 villages in the Bayuasin District, South Sumatra, namely in the villages of Sungsang I, Sungsang II, Sungsang III, Sungsang IV, and Marga Sungsang. The Tourism Village Program aims to develop the economy, social, health, and environment of villages around the conservation area.

This activity is our concrete action in contributing to conservation while involving the communities to take part in improving environmental hygiene. Together we worked to clean the environment in Sungsang IV Village to create a better and cleaner environment.

The whole community's enthusiasm, especially the Sungsang IV youths in the Clean My Heart action, has motivated us to continue to clean up the environment and prove that the younger generation also has a concern for environmental cleanliness and a desire to improve the surrounding environment.

We hope that the "At seven grab a broom" Clean My Heart action has benefited the community and is made as routinly held activity every Friday in Sungsang IV Village and is able to set an example for the surrounding villages and teach the children in Sungsang IV Village to always keep the environment clean.

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