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The Belantara Foundation and the Penabulu Foundation Signs a Cooperation Charter in an Agreement to Support Each Other in Implementing Joint Programs

Jakarta (02/04/20) - The Belantara Foundation signed a cooperation charter with the Penabulu Foundation in an agreement to cooperate in human resource capacity development, science, and community assistance to create prosperous and environmentally friendly villages.

Taking place at the Belantara Foundation's headquarters, Dr. Sri Mariati, the Belantara Foundation's Executive Director, conveyed that the signing of this cooperation charter was our first step in supporting our mutual understanding as our ability in implementing programs to improve community welfare and in supporting the education and teaching fields in utilizing natural resources.

After the cooperation agreement, next, the two parties will follow up on the collaboration by planning the activities and programs that are going to be implemented and realized to achieve the objectives of this cooperation charter.

We hope that this partnership will be mutually beneficial for the Belantara Foundation and the Penabulu Foundation. And we also hope that this collaboration can continue to be developed and be continuously sustainable through programs offered by both parties.

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