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The Development of 5 Key Commodities of Belantara Foundation in 5 Provinces

Belantara Foundation is a grant channeling institution that aims to assist the government in the protection, restoration, conservation, and the development of community empowerment programs by approaching and collaborating with multi-stakeholders in each program. Belantara Foundation synergizes with various elements, ranging from local communities, local and national governments, the private sector, to various NGO partners.

One of Belantara Foundation's mission in the ten (10) grant areas is to avoid deforestation by increasing the production of plantations in the grant areas, especially plantations cultivating the leading commodities in Indonesia, namely cocoa, coffee, coconut, rubber and palm oils to prevent the expansion of these commodities into the forest areas or conservation areas. The choice of cocoa, coffee, coconut, rubber and palm oil is because these commodities are often used as the primary crops or as companion crops by smallholders and are used as an excuse to practice deforestation and land tenure inside the forest areas and conservation areas. Moreover, cocoa, coffee, coconut, rubber and palm oil have high value, and the derived products have global market potential.

Belantara Foundation has published catalogs for each of the five (5) key commodities, which are expected to be a source of reference and information for institutions interested in developing the potential and contributing positive impacts in the ten (10) grant areas together with Belantara Foundation. Information presented in this catalog such as weather trends, soil conditions and types, community development information, and various social (community) information can provide a overview of each commodity's potential. Moreover, this catalog also features an area's soil suitability analysis for each commodity and its potential.

Finally, we hope the information presented in the catalog can open the reader's insight into the potentials that lie within the grant areas, especially in developing the commodities to be positively beneficial. Happy reading!

To download our 5 catalogs, please click here

Sri Mariati
Executive Director

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