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World Environment Day!!


The World Environment Day is a globally held environmental conservation campaign. Its commemoration aims to raise global public awareness in the need to take positive environmental actions for the protection of nature and planet earth.

Commemorated annually on the 5th of June, it was first established by the UN General Assembly in 1972 in Stockholm. The World Environment Day has become an important instrument in raising awareness on the importance of the environment and in encouraging political attention and action at the world level.

Its commemoration is also an opportunity for the entire global community to voice the protection of the earth and the use of sustainable natural resources.

It is hoped that with the remembrance of World Environmental Day the entire global community will be able to continue to help the preservation of the environment and together safeguard nature from environmental damage caused by human activities and natural disasters.

Humans have an essential role in environmental conservation. To make a more significant impact on preserving our environment, everyone should make an effort in saving and protecting it, as it will affect our next generations.

Belantara Foundation supports activities to conserve nature as well as natural resources by bringing protection, restoration, and community empowerment programs that are expected to help the government and the global community in protecting the environment, these programs also provide many benefits to the broader community.

Let's continue to raise awareness on environmental concerns. Together Preserve The Archipelago

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