Sri Mariati

Sri Mariati is an Executive Director of Belantara Foundation,  she has an extensive work experience in the environmental conservation field, had been employed as the member of top level management in multiple highly respectable international NGOs and private sectors. Prior joining with Belantara Foundation, Sri served as the Terrestrial Program Director at Conservation International Indonesia where she had to oversee the conservation programs, specifically supervised the national policy works related to climate change mitigation and adaptation in the landscape, biodiversity conservation management as well as holistically led the strategic plan up to the execution. She also had two years of experience as the Executive Director of Sumatera Sustainability Fund (SSF) Foundation, and previously contributed most of her professional years at WWF Indonesia. In the latter organization, she excelled her assignments with significant accomplishments. She established the Sumatera Trust Fund to support the commitment of ten provincial governors in the Sumatera Island when acted as the Sustainable Financing Coordinator for Sumatera Initiative.

With experience 23 years,  Not only she has 19 years of solid experience in various NGOs, but she also had a total of 4 years’ experience (2012-2016) in the private sectors. Her latest responsibility was to lead the division of Sustainability and Stakeholders Engagement to ensure sustainability of social, economic, and environmental aspects (CSR, SHE, and Conservation) at Royal Lestari Utama (RLU) company, a joint venture between Michelin group (France) and Barito group. Sri had several successes ranging from the establishment of HCV and HCS areas in the RLU’s concession and able to lead a resolution for social conflict.

Through the years, her knowledge in the conservation field had been elevated and enriched through her experiences in several roles as following, as the Expansion Protected Area Module Leader, Senior Conservation Officer, Communication Manager, Consultant, Trainer and Researcher positions. As a trainer, Sri focused on the topic of Project Cycle Management on Proposal Writing Training. She also an active writer whose papers have been published online in various international journals (Journal of Environmental Protection, International Journal of Social Science and Management, Australian Journal and Basic Applied Science, Primate Conservation).

Sri Mariati received Cum Laude honor for her doctoral degree in Environmental Studies from the University of Indonesia with a dissertation title of “Spatial Harmonization Model Between Conservation and Production in a Forest Block: Case Study in Tesso Nilo Forest Block in Riau Province” in 2013. She received a scholarship funded by Riau Province government for her Post-Graduate study and grant from WWF Indonesia for research on Environmental Studies from the University of Andalas in 2004. Previously, Sri graduated from Riau University with a bachelor degree in Marine Science in 1991.