Aditya Rakhman

Prior to joining Belantara Foundation, Aditya Rakhman worked with the Acceleration Team for New/Renewable Energies that was docked at the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, with a particular focus in exploring possible avenues of scaling up funding interest in the sector. He also spent a considerable amount of time with Indonesia’s REDD+ Agency under a UNDP facility, assisting in the design of a funding instrument that would allow the Indonesian – Norwegian cooperation in emission reduction to materialize.

His professional interest has always been to explore, harmonize and garner interest of private sectors to invest and participate in the effort towards sustainability that both contribute to conservation as well as maintain a degree of economical sense.

Holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Laws from Universitas Islam Indonesia focusing in Asset Securitization, Aditya then pursued his LLM in International Banking Law and Finance at the University of Edinburgh.