Tony Sumampau

Tony Sumampau is the Owner and President Commissioner of Taman Safari Indonesia Group, an Indonesian based conservation institution. He has also been the Chairman of Indonesian Wildlife Conservation Forum (FOKSI) since 1997 and the Secretary General of Indonesia Zoos and Aquariums Association from 2005.

Mr. Sumampau has been involved in conservation efforts for more than 40 years, especially looking at Indonesian endemic and endangered species. In 1992 he coordinated the Sumatran Tiger Populations and Habitat Viability Analysis (PHVA), from 1995 to 1998 he managed the Sumatran Rhino Sanctuary (SRS) in Way Kambas National Park, Lampung and has participated in several Sumatran Rhino Conservation Programs since 1994. He has also been Chairman of Bali Mynah Conservation Society since 2005 and is actively involved in the Javan Leopard Forum.

Mr. Sumampau has also received numerous awards for his work in conservation including recognition for his role in protecting the Javan and Sumatran Rhino by WWF and being granted the Satya Lencana Award for Building Conservation Activity in Indonesia from the President Republic of Indonesia in 2006.