Professor Francesco Bertolini

Professor Francesco Bertolini is President and one of the founders of Green Management Institute, a research centre in sustainability and environmental innovation in Italy. During his career he has worked for many public and private sector organizations, evaluating their environmental choices.

Prof Bertolini speaks frequently at sustainability events and seminars and is also a columnist in a leading Italian newspaper and a regular studio guest on Italian National TV.

He is a professor of public policy and management at Bocconi University Business School, where he develops research about the economic implications of environmental innovations.

For many years, his main contribution to sustainability has been his research of the most interesting and innovative companies in sustainability terms. Specifically, his research has focused on those companies who have committed to placing sustainability at the heart of their business operations and driving the circular economy.

Prof Bertolini has also supported industries in capacity building activities alongside the OECD and he has been involved in training programs with the World Bank.