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The Rise of Bungaraya Bicycle Tourism

DepokNews–(Siak, 22/02/2020). Celebrating the 16th anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia's Children of Transmigration Association (PATRI), the Siak PATRI Branch Leadership Council held a bicycle touring event, The 2020 3rd Tour de Sawah (TDS) in Bungaraya Subdistrict, Siak Regency, Saturday (02/22/2020).

"I am the son of a Transmigrant who grew up in Siak, and is now given the mandate by the Regent of Siak as the Subdistrict Head Here (Bungaraya, red)," said the Amin Soimin, the Bungaraya Subdistrict Head who is also the Chair of the Siak PATRI Branch Leadership Council. 

About two thousand cyclers participated in the 3rd Tour de Sawah, including the PATRI Central Leadership Council Chair, Hasprabu, and an Expert Staff from the Village Ministry, Dr. Conrad Hendrarto. The route taken was the ricefield roads leading to the agro-tourism area, which started from Buantan Lestari Village and finished in Kemuning Muda Village.

After cutting PATRI's birthday tumpeng (ceremonial dish of yellow rice served in a cone shape), Hasprabu said, "I am truly proud. Thousands of school children have also enlivened this anniversary. Bungaraya is a clear proof of the contribution of transmigration in reviving regional development and bonding of fellow countrymen".

"Please witness yourself," Hasprabu said, pointing to thousands of participants who were predominantly school children.

"They are the children of transmigrants descents who have fused here," he added.

Besides the 3rd Tour de Sawah, the Siak PATRI Branch Leadership Council has also developed agro-tourism and a kite festival.

Also celebrating the PATRI 2020 Anniversary in Bungaraya, among others, was the Assistant Regional Secretary, heads of related agencies, Subdistrict Police Chief, PATRI Branch Management, village chiefs, Director of The Tri Sakti College of Tourism Jakarta, Belantara Foundation, and surrounding communities.

The event became even more lively as the prize draw was distributed to the 2020 3rd TDS participants.

Source: DepokNews