Belantara has chosen to focus the vast majority of its conservation supports on ten program distribution areas hose locations span five provinces in Sumatra and Kalimantan islands. These ten specified grant distribution areas cover 10,145,187.85 hectares of land that includes 4 national parks, 9 wildlife areas, 4 nature reserves, and 2 grand forest parks; as well as Biosphere Reserves. Just over 1,000 vertebrate species have been identified within Belantara's grant distribution areas, including 209 species that are protected by the overnment of Indonesia and 213 species that are globally endangered according to IUCN's Red List.

Indicators for the identification of the priority program distribution areas were based on:

  • Biogeography, hydrology, ecosystem biodiversity and carbon characteristic.
  • Uniqueness of the area including its social and cultural features.
  • Its function and spatial governance.
  • According to the legal regulations, such as natural reserve area and natural conservation area, protection forest, peatland (>3m depth), riparian, coastal areas, high biodiversity area, and so forth.