The Belantara foundation believes that conservation must incorporate a harmony of principles that not only protect the interests of the people, particularly at the grass-roots level but also protect natural resources and bio-diversity long into the future- on a large scale. Belantara believes all of the actors in a given ecosystem should communicate, collaborate and coordinate to manage a sustainable ecosystem, since a result of balance condition bet been long-term economic development. Sustainable livelihoods for local communities, and environmental conservation will be beneficial for all of the stakeholders In Indonesia like elsewhere.  Forests are part of a mosaic that interconnects with other land uses such as agriculture and infrastructure. Sometimes in a context of poverty, inequity and poorly planned economic development.

This realization calls for prioritizing larger-scale, multi-stakeholder approach instead of sectoral silos and putting people on the same footing as environmental values. Therefore, encouraging new and innovative ways for the conservation of ecosystems. Central to Belantara’s approach is facilitating multi- stakeholder forum from the ground up. Through the forum, the stakeholders centered within the ecosystem are enabled to design a conservation plan that is long-term and sustainable but also supports their economic needs. It put local communities, government authorities, and businesses as the key actors for the change.